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What is Medical Excellence JAPAN?

Globalization of Japan's medical services

Japan is becoming a society of good health and longevity ahead of the world. Japa's medical treatments supporting its health and longevity have outstanding features as follows.

Japanese Medical Brand

  1. Advanced medical services
    • Diagnosis and treatment of cancer
    • Regeneration medicine
    • Less-invasive treatment (Intravascular treatment, Hybrid surgery)
  2. Customized (Personalized) Medicine
    • Various medical treatments in each field (Elder care, etc.)
  3. Preventive Medicine
    • Health Checkup, Guidance for the improvement of lifestyle
  4. Japanese hospitality on medical services
    • Medical professional’s caring and attention for patients

Furthermore, Japan’s medical services have various features as follows.

Japan’s outstanding features of medical services

  1. Universal public healthcare insurance system
    • Application to all of notified or approved medical institutes
  2. Quality and safety of Medical treatments
    • Evaluation system of physician, Clinical resident system, Medical Specialist system
  3. Safety management of pharmaceuticals and medical devices
    • Examination and Approval of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency(PMDA)
    • Evidence based accurate estimate, evaluation and judgment
  4. Hospital Evaluation and Accreditation
    • Japan Council for Quality Health Care (JCQHC)
    • Joint Commission International (JCI)

Medical Excellence JAPAN is promoting the globalization of Japan's medical services as public and private partnership. Specifically, MEJ is tackling to establish human networking between medical professionals of Japan and partner countries and expand Japan-style medical services with medical devices and drag, education and training, medical and insurance systems, etc. as a total package based on the medical issues and needs of partner countries.

事業活動の進展 イメージ

Furthermore, MEJ supports for Japanese hospitals to establish medical institutes in partner countries in combination of various business opportunities related to medical care and for patients in partner countries to receive advanced medical treatment in Japan. Comprehensively, MEJ offers long-term support to provide Japan-style medical services continuously in partner countries.。

事業活動の進展 イメージ

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