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Cancer Treatment 3


A visa would also be relatively easy to obtain, and therefore Japan was selected.

A female Russia patient in her forties

What is the name of your disease and what kind of treatment did you receive?
Melanoma on nose
Proton therapy
When did you come to Japan and how long have you been receiving treatment?
3 Jan. 2013 to end March 2013 (to be confirmed)
6 weeks

Description of the treatment

Tumor resection was carried out overseas, but not all of the tumor was removed. Post-surgery proton therapy (six weeks, 30 irradiations) would be carried out.

What brought you to Japan for treatment/examination?

The physician in charge at the patient’s home hospital recommended proton therapy, and, as a result of investigating proton therapy facilities around the world, Japan’s were found to be both more reasonable in price compared to other countries, and to have more experience in proton therapy. A visa would also be relatively easy to obtain, and therefore Japan was selected.

What is your opinion of the treatment administered in Japan?

I was pleased that I was treated much more conscientiously than in other countries, like with the CT technicians taking care that their investigations did not hurt, so could undergo testing with peace of mind.

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