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Cancer Treatment 2


I felt that patients were given opportunities to receive treatment with advanced medical technology in Japan.

A male Russian patient in his sixties

What is the name of your disease and what kind of treatment did you receive?
Prostate cancer bone metastasis
When did you come to Japan and how long have you been receiving treatment?
A stay of about one and a half months
(from June to August 2011).

Description of the treatment

After coming to Japan, the patient visited an outpatient department for a second opinion and selected anticancer drug treatment from among the other treatment methods proposed by the doctor. He received treatment for one month overall, comprising two courses of treatment each involving two weeks of hospitalization, and then returned to Russia.

What brought you to Japan for treatment/examination?

One of my friends had received the same treatment as mine from the same doctor, and told me that the level of medical care was very high in Japan, so I decided to go to Japan for treatment.

What is your opinion of the treatment administered in Japan?

My doctor proposed the best treatment for my disease and gave me hope. The hospital workers had a high level of professionalism and a sense of responsibility, and provided courteous and considerate care to me. I greatly appreciated the kind and sincere help from the international healthcare coordinators, to do with shopping or looking for currency exchange services.

What is your impression of Japanese medical technology?

I felt that patients were given opportunities to receive treatment with advanced medical technology in Japan.

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