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Cancer Treatment 1


The treatment I received was just what I had expected.

A female Georgian patient in her forties

What is the name of your disease and what kind of treatment did you receive?
Breast cancer
Postoperative radiotherapy
When did you come to Japan and how long have you been receiving treatment?
About five weeks, from September 2011.

Description of the treatment

Although the cancer had been removed in her own country, there was a possibility that the patient would have to undergo a mastectomy. She came to Japan to determine whether breast-conserving procedures were available, and a definite diagnosis was made through pathological examinations, an MRI scan, and other tests. Based on the examination results, it was found that she could choose to receive postoperative radiotherapy without undergoing a mastectomy. After receiving examinations and treatments for about five weeks, including three weeks of radiotherapy on an outpatient basis, the patient returned to Georgia.

What brought you to Japan for treatment/examination?

One of my friends had received treatment in Japan, and from hearing about my friend’s experience, I knew that Japan was famous for its advanced medical technology and high quality of medical services.

What is your opinion of the treatment administered in Japan?

As a result of the examinations, I found out that there were treatment options open to me without undergoing a mastectomy, and the treatment I received was just what I had expected. I am particularly grateful to the excellent radiotherapist who treated me with high-precision radiotherapy.

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